After a period of working with bronzes my painter's heart is now bringing light in sculptures by the use of silver on wood and colour in the
new sculptures in wood "Karyatides".

to Karyatides


from 1980 untill now

"Sculptures in bronze, wood
and steel"

This book is made of the materials (bronze, pigments and wood) I normaly use for my sculptures. So it is more like a multiple, printed with high quality inks and paper in an edition of 99. Inside also the artprint 'Square wood'. Each copy is signed.
Measures : 20 x 22 cm.
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Wall-light with LED's in tinned steel, glass and ebony as piedestal for the multiples La Luna, Il Mundo, Il Sole and La Stella.


Model for the 'Rain-sculpture' I am working on at the moment.
Materials : steel, silver leaf on wood, soil and poetry.
Size approximately 5 m. high